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Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by snowFin, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. snowFin

    snowFin New Member

    When you're having a chill day as the way you like and THAT person came, barging in your peaceful day and depends on how much tolerance you have, but to me, I SNAPPED.

    1# Some person who is outside of friendzone, positioned above friends but sorry, we're not lovers, who think so HIGH of his/herself that he/she is so F___ important to me.
    - Hey, we haven't talked for days, I know you're worried blah blah-
    Like, excuse me. If you have enough brains to realize that I don't even bother asking or saying hi all the times you were gone, then maybe you should know your place rather than telling me how much I should be craving for your existence.

    2# A talkative Genius/Nerd. Well, I don't hate smart people or someone who is really in their passion, BUT, I hate when they don't know WHEN to bluff. I know you must be saying who would know if you're not in mood for talks right now but seriously, use some instinct please or LEARN, if a person is answering you shortly, - yes -yeah -oh -hm, blahblah, it means this conversation is BORING and after boring comes annoying if this keeps going on.
    Like, so boring, when will this stop -> *sigh* he's still talking over this topic again -> GAH, when will this topic be gone, I hope someone comes and shut him up OMG.

    and I wrote this 20 minutes ago, my head cooled down lol.

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