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Another forum banned me for nothing!! And I paid to use something!!

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by Stephazine, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Stephazine

    Stephazine New Member

    I'm well pissed off !! I have posted on another forum because they banned me for nothing..

    I had posted something about my work. Trying to find clients. Which they have a very valid part for. I paid to use the 'sticky ad' part which keeps my ad up the top of everyone elses and still had 6 days to go!! This was done today and they banned me today with no reason. What dick heads are they!!

    The moderators on that site are very arrogant and think they own the world because they work on the site. Very very pissed off at them!!
  2. Alex5

    Alex5 New Member

    So... what was this site ? I mean, why would they get rid of a fucking paying customer ?! How wrong of them, pricks...
  3. Noyou

    Noyou New Member

  4. AARGHHH!!!!!! I've been kicked off of about 8 sites now (for reason - anger), so I kinda know how you feel, although I I'd paid them for a sticky and they banned you, I would have to start some trouble, I guess starting with the Webmaster since you'd probably still be able to reach the Webmaster and no one else on that site. He'll write back saying "he's just the webmaster", but then I'd go one of two ways, threaten he and HIS website that HE created with a lawsuit or give him the full spiel about what happened.

    Now if he didn't respond to the second, I'd definitely go to the first.

    (I was in a lawsuit (plaintiff) and the fucking defense found all my poetry on this well known worldwide poetry site that I loved so much and they subpoenaed it - it felt a total invasion of privacy).

    I hope you nail their asses to the ground!

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