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bad tv

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by lasvegascom, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    why are there so many bad tv shows?
  2. angryguy

    angryguy New Member

    because other TV shows that are totally pointless make it big and then others try to copy and fail miserably. Either that or they have absolutely no content and then run with it.
  3. khuldun

    khuldun New Member

    beacause they have no head or tail to it, they just keep on running because some idiots liek such shows. I prefer watching reality TV and other documentaries, instead of the damn soaps
  4. samskpun

    samskpun New Member

    They just want to make money..TV is junk anyway...we aall know reality TV is fake

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