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Fuck you dis boards

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by FUCK DIS BOARDS, Feb 25, 2010.


    FUCK DIS BOARDS New Member

    They are a bunch of fucking idiots...

    1.they censor wtf. What the fuck....??
    2.it's run by mormons
    3.they call blondie's parallel lines an innapropriate link

    they just banned me for swearing in french tabarnak de callise

    and it's inhabited by disney obssed people who went to disney millions of times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    FUCK DIS BOARDS New Member

    And now they blocked my ip adresss
  3. ANGRYwoandre

    ANGRYwoandre New Member

    I lolled
    you must r0x
  4. Angsty Anneh

    Angsty Anneh New Member

    I LOL'D YOUR SUCH A n00b.
  5. Angsty Kirb

    Angsty Kirb New Member

    You are teh Awesome, sir.
  6. Wambee

    Wambee New Member

    shame on your face you dirt french man
  7. J'ai oubliez tout le Francaise que J'ai appriz! BUT I have been kicked off of many boards, but I do tend to cuss a LOT when triggered, and I've been triggered a lot.

    Eu falo fluentamente a lingua Portuguesa do Brasil, entao! Obaaaa

    Last time I was kicked off of a Mental Health site was last night, the jack-ass, mother-fuckin' "Psychologist" was playing a "power-over" trip with me. I called him a "little man" and told him do not cross my boundaries again. He did, in an assenine way to make me look like a fuckin' fool, so I wrote him that I wanted my poem I put on there to be removed immediately and also that I wanted to immediately be unsubscribed.

    Before the fucker could write me back, I filtered him straight to delete! HAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! (Moral of Story: Never cross a Mental Ill person when they are triggered)
  8. Angsty Kirb

    Angsty Kirb New Member

    You naps, seem even more cooler then the other Guy. How can I be more like you?
  9. First things first: Grow girl parts if you're a guy! Buaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa

    And really! I don't give a fuck that you don't, nor will never give a fuck (per your signature).

    About my mom, yeah, when I was younger she was screwing the Psychologist I had to see for a long time, starting at age 12, that made me want to puke; she screwed the band teacher often at the junior high school I was attending, she was a loosey-goosey I tell ya!

    So you signature needs to be updated to be a little more triggering to get me mad. I mean, truth is truth and your signature is not bad enough to make me angry.

    But!! Nice avatar - looks like you're at the dentist with the pre-drill thing in your mouth!!

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