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god damn system

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by rarachan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. rarachan

    rarachan New Member

    I hate all system in this world, why there such a system, which
    - not allowed young people to move forward, got to be old man first (die you die)
    - only thinking of getting more and more money for him self and doesn't even care of peoples starving out there
    - always says and do the tradition way even it's wrong (guys u know it wrong, even god will angry to see it)
    - to worry to losing jobs
    - and why I have to do such boring jobs and don't let me get out here
    - why no one listen to me, even boyfriend just another self talker
    - how kan U guys still saying sweetest things and still lock me down here
    I pray every night that god will save me, release me from u guys and may god can make U see the right way
  2. Maria

    Maria New Member

    The system is pissing me off too, but people like you are pissing me off more than the system. There is no system in the world that will forbid you to move forward so do not blame the system for your own inability. I am thinking of getting more and more money and don`t give a f.......k about the starving person down there since he is sitting and doing nothing but starving while I am risking every day to support some kind of higher standard. May be you should ask yourself why nobody listens to you, may be there is nothing interesting to be heard from you...
  3. Jehovah

    Jehovah New Member

    "God" does not exist .
  4. FreeFromH8

    FreeFromH8 New Member

    I have to ask... is this a serious reflection of what you hate or what you think you hate? (I should warn you, it sounds more like the latter than the former).

    Have some good words to live by... they are very simple... but should you take the time to understand their impact and their meaning you might actually find you like more and hate much less.

    Ready for it?

    Here it goes....

    Stop wearing yourself out attempting to gather up all the "stuff" (tangible & intangible) you believe yourself to be owed.

    And, the most amazing part of this understanding is realizing how liberating it can be once you understand that

    I am not speaking in a selfish please-only-yourself way. You say YOU are worried about poor people and hate other people because they could care less about them as you do. Well... what do YOU do to help poor people? Rather than hating people who are their own selves (selfish or not), why not live your life in a more positive way by realizing how much energy you are wasting on those who DON'T care. Go out and find those who do and work together. Most likely you'll find you have more in common.

    Anyway... as the saying goes... life is just way too short to hate. Either piss or get off the pot!

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