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hello to all

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by dragonspark, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. dragonspark

    dragonspark New Member

    when i get angry i feel like writing it seems to help but the thing thats getting me angry seems to get me angrier when i write about it but here goes
    ten years ago i was given the chance to purchase a property but i had to be quick, a problem was though, even though i was seperated i was still married and my ex was trying to claim everything she could as it was, so my solicitor advised that if i could find someone i trusted, we could use their name to get a mortgage and purchase the house, my cousin agreed to this, the solicitor drew up an agreement, an option that it was sold to me for a nominal fee.
    i moved in (after my cousin had spent the deposit money and the solicitor paid over me then i paid him back) myself and my children moved in, my cousin lived in her own home her only involvement was to sign, anything else i paid, deposits, renovation works and every single mortgage payment.
    now this house was a complete renovation project, i am in fact still working on it now, well i was until march when my cousin very selfishly died suddenly.
    In the following months i began to get feelings, a hunch about my cousins daughter, there was a change in her whenever she met myself or any of my five kids, i then was reliably informed that she had been left my home and was planning now to sell it bragging that she was in the money.
    i went to see my solicitor we did a search and thats when i found out that the option agreement was only for three years it had expired, both myself and my dead cousin (when living) thought it was indefinate, should have done this should have done that, well i didnt think i had to and now its too late.
    I did a probate search and found out that my cousins daughter, i will call her bitch from now on to avoid confusion, had been awarded probate on her mothers estate as there was no will, her mother had no assetts so they only requirement to get probate was for my house, bitch has also recently made a will which no doubt leaves my home to her daughter.
    I went to see bitch and politely enquired about the rumours i had heard, she denied tham, said she thought the house was settled years ago, i asked if she had any objection to the house being transferred to my name, she said not at all, but then cautioned me saying that there was a lot of debt, £67,000.
    i know she is lying, maybe there is debt but non of it is secured upon the house a land registry search is clean, so therefore any debts, if any would dissappear like a fart in the wind if the house was transferred to me as myself and her mother agreed, the house as was intended would be mine, and the debts would be personal debts of the deceased, her estate owes me the house not the debtors, i think.
    Realising i had no proof of our conversation i sent a letter including bitch said she had no objections and of the £67,000 debts, i also offered to help with these debts if i could see details of them, no response as yet.
    the greedy little bitch will see me and my tribe out on the streets, in a dingy little flat or anywhere just so she has something for nothing.
    i moved into a ruin and made it into my castle, years of living with plaster in my tea, and sawdust in my food possibly for nothing.
    i cannot believe a family member can be like that, ive read about it but i never thought with mine, maybe ive had a sheltered life, and to so blantantly lie in front of me, my sons was to strangle her scawny little neck, and so do i but we cant, not yet anyway now that is the most anger causing part, knowing she is lieing and cocky with it
    just how does she get her just rewards and how do i stop the cow

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