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i grew up with illness in my family, and even when my brother is pretty much healthy he won't leave

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by northofyou, May 28, 2019.

  1. northofyou

    northofyou New Member

    What up, people of the world with anger bubbling up inside of them?
    My brother first fell ill with a chronic illness when I was barely six, and since then he's been through hell and back, still is in many ways.
    Of course, I, too, suffered so much trauma from all the hospital trips and ambulance calls that I can barely function normally anymore, but my parents don't seem to get it even when I sit them down and try to explain the best I can.
    He's twenty eight now, I'm a lot younger than him, and he still lives at home after going through surgery to remove an infected intestine, and he now has an ostomy bag, for the second time in his life, except this time it's permanent.
    I can't help but feel ticked off every time he tries to intervene in my life, by telling me how I should do things, and how I am not allowed to do certain things because that's fucking stupid.
    There's also a serious lack of personal space and boundaries when it comes to him; I have a boxing bag, hung in my room because I get so angry I need to get the energy out of my system by working out, aggressively so.

    An example: the day he left for the hospital in the beginning of this year, at around 3pm in the afternoon, I think? He just came into my room, unannounced, uninvited, and I couldn't hear him come in because when I sit at my computer I wear a noise-cancelling headset-
    My brother just came up behind me, and punched the bag with all the strength he could muster, scaring me half to death and almost making the bag itself come loose from its hook in the roof and fall down.

    He just said, "Sorry, I just need to get my frustrations out for a bit," and kept punching it.
    And I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

    I found this forum just a half hour ago or so, because the moment he came home, his annoying girlfriend in tow (who also has zero respect for my privacy and no boundaries whatsoever), I just felt anger bubbling up.
    Was fine until the second he walked through the front door, and now I'm so furious my hands are shaking on the keyboard as I type this out.

    Needed to vent, thanks!

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