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i hate doctors and insurance

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by lasvegascom, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    my wife has this lump in her armpit. the doctors just take their sweet time trying to figuring it out instead of going straight to the test that can show exactly what it is. it has been almost 2 months since she starting going to see what the problem was.

    also insurance has to approve every little thing before it is done and they take forever. man if someone is sick and has insurance and the doctor wants to give them a test then let them do it. no approval no waiting.

    a holes.
  2. smub

    smub New Member

    well .. the only reason they want to test it for a while because they are trying to help you ... what if they give you a medicine which your immune system does not accept .. causing into another reaction ...

    they are only trying to help you :)
  3. sonyking

    sonyking New Member

    i know that you hate them but they're the one at the end that really help you.
  4. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    another example. my wife had an appt today to get a mole removed. when she got there the doctors office had no clue why she was there. they had no record of her appt from last week where THEY recommended getting the mole removed and set up the appt for today. Also they were supposed to get the insurance approval. but no record of nothing and they wnted her to just pay for it herself.

    then they had the gall to suggest that she should pay for the appt (even though they didnt remove the mole, have the paperwork from her intial appt, and no insurance approval).
  5. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    Man that sucks. :(

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