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I hate everyone and everything!

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by Windstorm, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Windstorm

    Windstorm New Member

    Hi, everyone I am new to this site. I came here because I AM FRICKIN PISSED! Alright, I'm just going to list a few things that I hate,

    #1: Know it alls(sickening)

    #2: The world(because it is cruel)

    #3: Parents(think they know it all)

    #4: Religion(tries to control your life)

    #5:God at times(always condemning people)

    #6:people in general(are unforgiving)

    #7:School(because everyone is mean and I have no friends)

    #8:George W. Bush(because he is an asshole)

    #9:phyciatrists(always want to stick people in the looney bin)

    #10:Medicine(it only makes you worse)

    There. Those are ten things that I hate. I know it sounds harsh but I'm just speaking my mind. Peace. :)
  2. Pelle 79

    Pelle 79 Guest

    Me to i hate everything......
    I dont understand the point of religion im so sick and tierd of it.
  3. DamienRaquel

    DamienRaquel New Member

    I completely agree with you both. Parents assume just because they didn't use a condom that their children belong to them. And God? A. He hates gay men (me) and anyone who is religious is textbook mental: believing in a made up person who tells them to do things. God is a substitute parent for "adults" who can't handle their lives.
  4. Jehovah

    Jehovah New Member

    i hate religion too because it is obviously false based on logic (which rules the universe(s). i'm an angry person because i have mental illness and my life never seems to straighten out. Sometimes i get a little boost because of my arrogance or seeing like-minded individuals but it doesnt last long. this was kind of one of those times, seeing mother fuckers like u guys mad at the world. Don't ever change :)
  5. Jo hiroshoto

    Jo hiroshoto New Member

    OK............NOONE CARES go and get a life
  6. Jo hiroshoto

    Jo hiroshoto New Member

    got it. now go and heal yourself and get rich brother!
  7. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    Having pointed out what you hate, why don't you do something about it? Nobody can just lie down and take what life throws shit at us. We need to react against it.

    Questions - are you up for what I've suggested? What are you prepared to do?

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