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Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by Taco_King, May 7, 2018.

  1. Taco_King

    Taco_King Guest

    I don't like that i have to socialized with people's and trying to have "friends",No i don't like that because all the time people's suck ass alway think they know everything and go back and forth with people's,trying to kiss ass over people's culo.I don't like that when people's are doing that with me especially specific people's that i hate i meant HATE WITH A PASSIONATE,putting named out there Catherine Rosario,Luis Rosario Those Motherfucker cumguzzler alway annoyed and trying to my "friend" not really because they piece of shit but my point What's the Big Fucking deal me being a loner wolf?Dealt with it.
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  2. AssholeGear

    AssholeGear New Member

    I hate your grammar. If you want someone to take you seriously then you need to look into better spelling and grammar. Perhap the real reason you're a loner is because it's just too much effort to conduct yourself properly in public?
  3. Taco_King

    Taco_King Guest

    No, because everyone's think being a loner is a bad thing even those I don't anything toward them and I love being a loner but everyone got something up their ass over it that is fucking stupid, listen now listen to society if you can't be consistent with humans then don't lecture about it, you fucking humans

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