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Im just pissed about everything

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by wwwyzzerdd, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. wwwyzzerdd

    wwwyzzerdd New Member

    im starting to realize that no one is in any way like me, as far as how annoyed people get with shit.

    im the type that gets pissed over the littlest crap, like..

    why does everyone like onions?? theyre the worst tasting thing that you can put on anything, i get pissed when someone orders a supreme pizza with onions, just totally kills if for me, i either dont eat, or go get a pizza that tastes good. who the hell.. bit into a raw onion and decided that "hmmm.. this tastes damn good, its totally edible!"?

    another thing, i hate the sound of dogs doing anything other than sleeping, the sound of there feet against the floor, drinking water, eating, barking, whining, licking themselves, licking my toes, i just hate dogs i guess...

    i also get annoyed by how mad people get over a morbid joke, its ridiculous. makes me want to beat the hell out of them. and how your typical bible bumper gets so mad when something crazy happens and you yell "JESUS CHRIST!!", "dont say that, i dont like it when people say that".. fuck you, i say what i want.. now i believe in god and all that, but im not over the top, like a lot of people, i listen to the forbidden heavy metal

    i hate when youre driving and something goes wrong, like engine dies or whatever, and you have to pull off on some road, like an oil access road or something, and theres a damn cop sitting there just itching to ask you a bunch of damn questions, "license, registration, and proof of insurance please." "damn man my car died and i had to pull over to call for help! shit! leave me alone!" ive had this happen a few times believe it or not, because im cursed with driving an unreliable car

    im also pissed about how come im the ONLY person i know that is so easily annoyed?? why? its annoying to get annoyed so easy, its a vicious cycle, and i fuckin hate FLYS!

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