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My hosters!

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by josephheskett, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. josephheskett

    josephheskett New Member

    the hosters of my website are mucking me about
    it is really damn irritating and is pissing me off!
    i hope they get themselves sorted or i'm off!

  2. VDHG

    VDHG New Member

    Just drop them and get new hosting!!
  3. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    yeah just move it isnt worth the hassle even if it was free especially with so many options out there.
  4. angryguy

    angryguy New Member

    What hosting company are you going through? I have had no problems at all with my hosting company and I've been using them for years. I feel bad for people who have bad hosting companies.
  5. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    my company had our website and i hated them. dumbest support in the world. we are now with pair.com and they have been great so far. its a little more money but for a company it is worth it.

    i also hear good things about asmallorange and site5. but never had anything with them.
  6. opolitics

    opolitics New Member

    I believe that webhosting and webhosting resellers are very competive. There are so many of them. You see alot of these rating and review sites, but some are just affiliates looking to rate the ones that pay the highest comission for you to sign up. I really like the services that we provide at MrGoodhost.com - yes I'm a reseller, we don't have an affiliate program and don't feel like it would be cost worthy to have one - but we have a great backend. It's easy to use.

    We resell hosting and that hosting is placed on our parent company's servers, not ours. So you get their backend and not some virtual or dedicated server that we partitioned off or sold space from, like many resellers do.

    Do research on the company before you host with them. I was at 2 other hosting companies before I found the ones that provided the best services for what I wanted to do. And I probably called and emailed around 10-15 webhost companies as well, just to check out what kind of customer service and support they provided. If I got an answering machine - I didn't sign up. If they had live chat on their website - I didn't sign up - lot of times the live chat is nothing but a gimmick to provide you with that warm fuzzy feeling that you'll be take'in care of.

    - don't be afraid to call them or email them before you sign up. It's more of a pain to quit one host and then signup for another. Because your site may be down for a brief period of time, plus it's a hassle.

    I believe in my product and believe in our company we're reselling services of - we have a very low profit margin. Very low. We undercut our competitors. So, do your research, it may take time, but the time is worth it and worth your $ to have a good supported website. No matter we're you get your hosting and website services from
  7. samskpun

    samskpun New Member

    i hate my host ...1 and 1 is piece of shit
  8. opolitics

    opolitics New Member

    I was at 1and1, that was the first one I used, just purely on price. But they are limited as to what you can do with other hosting company's.

    The other ones I tried were Startlogic and Globat. I didn't care for them either.

    I'd never recommend 1and1 to anybody.

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