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Off Shore Employment Practices

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by opolitics, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. opolitics

    opolitics New Member

    You know what makes me angry - Off Shore Employment Practices. In fact, there are some companies that call it "Best Shore Practices". Best shore doesn't have to be america - it's malaysia, india, new zealand, or wherever they can find cheaper employment costs! But by training these other countries, your acquiring just about the same costs - so you train somebody to do your job, that puts you out of your own job, you get laid off and then where do you go. Fast food or retail.

    Give us a freaking break. You take the US Corporations and exploit them with incentives to move their operations overseas, then close the facilities down in the US. Then you import more than your exporting. How do you expect the American family to survive? For most people, it's a struggle already. Sure there are tax cuts, but the separation of the lower class, middle class and upper class are getting far greater. It's almost the gov't's incentive to get rid of the middle class.

    You'll see publicized information on how the US economy created so many jobs, but you never see how many jobs were lost or shipped overseas - which is far greater than the jobs created.

    For a fact, in the company which I am currently employed, we have sent a large amount of work overseas. We've trained these foreign employees to do our own jobs. Then laid off those same employees. It's still occurring today.

    The only way to defend against this is to look out for yourself and improve your own self worth.
  2. samskpun

    samskpun New Member

    It is sad but it is ture that those ppl are smarter than us fellow american
  3. opolitics

    opolitics New Member

    I doubt that they are smarter. Believe me, some of those people they are training are dumber than ones we already had handling the business. Plus they don't relate to the people as well because of different cultures, views and religions. So, there's a problem with miscommunication.

    We support a large fortune 500 company - one of the Big 3 Automakers. We support their computer systems. I handle desktop management - troubleshooting computers and customers are always asking me where I'm located because the person that just transferred them to me is in New Zealand or some other country like Malaysia. They're always saying - Thank God your from here.

    It's a common ground with the customer that you can relate too.

    And yesterday I just found out that we lost the business. Even though the overall contract with the Client was signed and business will continue, the place at which we are conducting the support at will be divested and sent to other support centers throughout the world, Malaysia and New Zealand - are the prime targets. This will occurr by August 1st of this year. It could change, and once we get a secure date on when, then we'll have 60 days to find another job in the company or get permanently laid off. So much for the 11 years I've already spent here.

    I already drive 1 hour and 15 minutes to work each way after they moved our business 2 years ago, I had a 20 minute drive before then because of this bestshore/offshore iniative that many companies are taking.

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