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Pissed Off and Angry Categories

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by opolitics, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. opolitics

    opolitics New Member

    How about some categories?
    It's kinda hard to navigate and read some of these 'stories' or 'posts'.

    I'd like to see categories, like - in the Pissed Off section create categories for:

    Pets - Pissed off at your so called best friend - because they pissed in your shoes. (LOL - happened to my wife.)
    Significant Other - Pissed off at your mate.
    Boss - Pissed off at your boss.
    Mechanic - Pissed off that your mechanic ripped you off.
    Store Clerk - Pissed because they are so stupid they are no help at all.
    Government - Pissed - Just Pissed Off - Really Pissed at the republicans.

    You can do a lot.
    This is very therapeutic.
  2. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    I think new categories is a good idea!
    Stay tuned while we upgrade angryforum.com

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