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ripped off by a famous person!?!?

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by digi, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. digi

    digi New Member

    i took a gig as a touring musician. touring is usually quite fun.
    unfortunately it was with this talentless hack named DEAN-Anthony, as part of his back up band.


    it SEEMED good on paper, playing 40 gigs in 2.5 months, for 100 bucks a gig, but things got ugly really soon. i personally saw him rip off recording studios by writing, then canceling checks. he would throw what he referred to as 'diva fits' if he didnt get his way at a hotel, a restaurant, the airport. get this, he called a NYC cab driver a 'nigger spick' while he was still in the cab.
    he would buy himself a hotel suite to have 'meetings' in, and make the band sleep in the RV, in the Wisconsin cold.
    the guy just bullied and swindled everyone we came in contact with.
    he was supposed to provide us with food, and that was a problem, of course.
    the list goes on and on.
    things just went on this way for a month, until the whole band quit.

    reason's i'm angry include:
    1. i let myself associate with the guy in the hopes that i'd get paid.
    2. he still owes me 500 bucks, wont return calls or emails
    3. i didnt listen to my instincts and bail immediately
    4. my name is still on his myspace page

    anyway, maybe you can get through to him for me:

    "Dean-Anthony Bradford" <dab@abrad.com>,
    646 372 2626
    his assistants

    "Jenny Jen Jen Young" <assistantda@abrad.com>, <nathan@abrad.com>,
  2. Tobalee2

    Tobalee2 New Member

    I'm am so glad to finally see someone speak up about Dean Anthony Bradford. He is truly someone to steer clear of. He swidled both me and my husband. We worked on his EP in November of 2009 and he also never paid us for any wotk done, I don't even know if he gave us credit. My husband also worked very hard on some music for a movie he was supposedly making and never went anywhere. Anyone else out there worked with this asshole on Bohemia, Planet of Mirth, Bradford?? Lets shut him down.
  3. Tobalee2

    Tobalee2 New Member

    He also really pissed off Maggie Q.

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