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shopping in general sucks

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by lasvegascom, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    i hate going shopping. i try to order everything from online.

    i hate the crowds, parking, salespeople, other shoppers, picking anything out, other shoppers, their kids, crowds..
  2. smub

    smub New Member

    well not really .. i like crowds and stuff

    i like to go to the mall and be regular but i can't stay there for long .. lol
  3. sonyking

    sonyking New Member

    i actually like shopping its like an adevture.
  4. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    i guess it stems from my hatred of people
  5. fworth

    fworth New Member

    Me,too! I love shopping for clothes but hate shopping for food--especially when ppl park there carts in the middle of the isle and your stuck there until they get threw shopping..i also shop online. (just not into crowds).
  6. DamienRaquel

    DamienRaquel New Member

    I can't shop well at all. Specially in malls - is it too much to ask for some natural sunlight? And all those little kids screaming - I want to hit them.
  7. hekate92

    hekate92 New Member

    I hate malls and any other economic structure involving crowds,floreusant lights,and egolastical teenagers,who shop at Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister,just because their parents make more bucks and spend it on their kids,just to get them to shut up.
  8. Jehovah

    Jehovah New Member

    i second that for undisclosed reasons. i only like 2 people on this planet and one of them is myself

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