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Shopping With A Woman Pisses Me OFF!

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by OldAdmin, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    Dont' they ever get tired of looking at shop windows, trying out things ??Especially SHOES ! What is the deal with women and shoes ??? Babe got 46 pair of shoes and she is still nagging me for new ones each time we go out !

    UNREAL ! :mad:
  2. VDHG

    VDHG New Member

    They need shoes for EVERY outfit or they just can't decide out of the 100+pairs they have ALREADY.

    Your right, they always do want to get new crap and it is REALLY annoying.
  3. smub

    smub New Member

    well, i dont like shopping with women also but i love my gf and i can spend time with her in a shop ...

    Whenever we go to mall she have to try on every shirt or pant or shoes ... and after trying out everything she buy one or two .. thats weird

    because when i go to the mall ... i go in the shop go to the pants section take my size , try it on and then buy it ....
  4. VDHG

    VDHG New Member

    Wow you try stuff on ?

    I don't remember the last time I tryed something on in a mall.
    WOMAN!! ;)
  5. cheapquality

    cheapquality New Member

    i dont like shopping for myself, so how i will like shopping for a women, i dont like shopping in overcrowed areas, i dont like bargining too
  6. sonyking

    sonyking New Member

    i dont like shoopping with women you have to follow them every where.its annoying.
  7. grrr

    grrr New Member

    girls these days. Them and thier shoping, i wish they spend less annoying.
  8. khuldun

    khuldun New Member

    Argg!! They keep on shopping and shopping, unfortunately, i have to go wid my mum to get the household tuff and it really pisses me off cause i have to wait for hours inside the car till they are finished!

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