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Too Good To Be True . . .?

Discussion in 'Too Good to be True' started by Naps With Cats, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. When anyone tells you they authentically care or love you. Bwooooooop! NOT!

    [Currently not accepting love except from my cats]
  2. yupyup44

    yupyup44 Member

    What the fuck is this? I'm working my way through your whole goddamn forum and I don't see any anger at all... all I see is a bunch of pussies whining about how their goddamn nails aren't the color they thought it would be.
  3. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    The kittens got claws.
    Because this is an angry forum doesn't mean we have to go ape shit about everything so chill the fuck out!
    You got something to contribute? Start your own thread and we'll feel your anger.

    But for now, fuckidy bye.

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