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when people talk too much?

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by sonyking, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. sonyking

    sonyking New Member

    i hate it when poeple talk too much they keep on going on and on they never stop. one story after another.
  2. VDHG

    VDHG New Member

    Like lots of girls...
    Some girls can be really annoying.

    I talked or rather she talked for an hour. I put down the phone and played the guitar for about 25-30 mins and she was still talking when I got back...
  3. grrr

    grrr New Member

    give me headaches for talking 24/7. grrrrrrrrrr
  4. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    i just space out.
  5. angryguy

    angryguy New Member

    I can't take non stop talking. There are times when I feel that I talk non stop and I just shut up and stop talking. Some people can go on forever though and they never seem to stop. Just when you think they are going to slow down or maybe even stop they just seem to pick right back up with another story.
  6. lasvegascom

    lasvegascom New Member

    sometimes i just start doing other things and completely ignoring them. takes them some time to notice but after a while they finally get the hint.
  7. angryguy

    angryguy New Member

    That's what I usually do but I feel bad about ignoring the person even though they really don't have anything intelligent to say.
  8. khuldun

    khuldun New Member

    e poeple keep on talkign all crap with no end to it whther or no the other person likes it! Man give us a break we arent interested in your stupid talk!!

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