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Where did you hear about AngryForum?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by OldAdmin, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    From a friend?
    From a search engine?

    Let's hear it
  2. mavahntooth

    mavahntooth New Member

    at the forum. :)
  3. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    At what forum? :)
  4. Caty123

    Caty123 New Member

    Well, the search engine helped me to find the angry forum. Morever, it gave me a chance to answer you.
  5. Chinola92

    Chinola92 New Member

    Destiny has brought me here. on one day of absolute rage, i searched for a source that could help me get rid of my issues, and i was lucky enough to find it.
  6. yupyup44

    yupyup44 Member

    I found this shit because I was pissed and wanted to see if anyone had a better reason to be pissed than me. Turns out most of the people who really have a reason to be pissed don't post on internet forums.

  7. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    Search engine.

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