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women should remain subservient

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by dierwolf, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. dierwolf

    dierwolf New Member

    bitch tells me she wants to be single to be independent so we can get back together. then i see on fb she has a date. blows me off when i wanna talk about it. women should be barefoot pregnant and in my fuckin kitchen. and if you disagree go eat a shotgun faggot
  2. Ender

    Ender New Member

    You didn't fuck it hard enough.


    You fuck it hard and often and she'll live to serve you.
  3. dierwolf

    dierwolf New Member

    she and i got together and i fucked her ass and yanno, yer right. she's a nice submissive lil cunt when she gets it in the ass.
  4. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    Keep on dreaming...
  5. Ender

    Ender New Member

    And yet, she wanted her "space". IE: to try out other cock.

    I feel your whimpering anguish and find myself giving you my pitty.

    Poor fucker.
  6. dierwolf

    dierwolf New Member

    lol this entire post was a drunken joke anyway
  7. Angsty Kirb

    Angsty Kirb New Member

    Well, you should crawl under your bridge and stay there. No one wants to hear about your drunken fantasies ;)
  8. dierwolf

    dierwolf New Member

    lol well fuck you too then
  9. Angsty Kirb

    Angsty Kirb New Member

    Nah, maybe later when i get off your girlfriend....Oh wait, you don't have one. :D
  10. Maleficent

    Maleficent New Member

    Perchance that was the only way she could feel your micro-penis... just sayin...:rolleyes:
  11. shinning

    shinning New Member

    lol, she doesnt like u man, move on
  12. Noyou

    Noyou New Member

    You need to fuck her more.
  13. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    Man, is this mentality backward or what?! I guess women like Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder and Demi More must be really thick, right? Maybe they┬┤ve lost the old fashioned values that made women so reliable . What the fuck are we going to do? Kick the asses of chauvanistic pigs is what I would highly recommend.
  14. If I didn't have my beloved cats, i would eat a shotgun. I disagree because MEN SUCK!!!!! (I'm a/sexual - no interest anymore - been years) Yeah, sounds like your girl is a total bitch, too, playing you. Ignore her in every single way you can when she tries to get with you. I hate players, men or women, or friends or anybody!

  15. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    I believe women can be equal to men. They are just as powerful in their own ways. If we have a problem with them, we must talk it over. If they cannot see reason, let the fault be theirs, not ours.

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